Learn about minor wound

We understand that our skin is incredibly special. It forms a protective barrier against harm and has a remarkable ability to heal itself. But when the skin is broken, it can be vulnerable to infection, and may need a helping hand from antiseptic products like Bepanthen ® Antiseptic Cream.

Different types of wounds:

How to treat a wound depends on the type of wound. With all types, the faster they’re treated, the lower the risk of infection

  • Grazes: common in children, they can be painful but usually leave no scar. Grazes are often dirty, so there is a higher risk of infection. Minor grazes can usually be treated at home.  
  • Cuts: tend to bleed because of damage to blood vessels. Minor cuts can usually be treated at home. 
  • Bites: animal bites should always be medically examined due to the high risk of infection.  
  • Blisters: caused by excessive friction on the skin. Fluid collects and leaks from the injured tissue. Minor blisters can usually be treated at home. 
  • Pressure ulcers: also known as pressure sores or bedsores are caused by an area of skin placed under pressure therefore disrupting the flow of blood through the skin.

Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream

Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream is a multi-purpose antiseptic cream for the effective treatment of cuts, abrasions, scalds, insect bites, stings and sunburn.

Bepanthen® Antiseptic can be used for the gentle and effective care of skin irritations. 

Bepanthen® Antiseptic Cream gently helps the skin to repair. 

  • Creamy texture
  • Easy to apply to even widespread areas
  • Easily absorbed
  • Moisturises and relieves discomfort